Every young woman has a dream. Here at SHE, they are making their dreams a reality.

SHE Philanthropists

At SHE, we believe in the transformative power of philanthropy. It’s more than just giving; it’s about creating lasting change and empowering women to realise their dreams and ambitions. Our philanthropic efforts are the heart and soul of our mission, driving progress and fostering economic independence.

Philanthropy is not just a financial transaction; it’s an investment in the future. It’s about creating a legacy of empowerment and equality. Your philanthropic contributions have a ripple effect, touching the lives of women entrepreneurs and their communities, and driving economic growth and innovation.

The Impact of Your Philanthropy - Every pound you donate, every hour you volunteer, and every partnership you forge with SHE contributes to tangible outcomes:

  • More women starting and growing their businesses.
  • Job creation and economic growth in communities.
  • Breakthrough innovations and thriving enterprises.
  • A stronger, more inclusive society where gender equality is a reality.
  • Young boys and men understanding gender equality.

As a Philanthropist:

  • Your generous support could directly fund our local partners, enabling women entrepreneurs to access resources, tools and market opportunities crucial for their success.
  • You can build networks and connect with fellow SHE members who share your commitment to women’s empowerment, fostering valuable connections and potential partnerships.
  • You will receive exclusive updates and gain access to insights, programme updates, online and in person events, and stories of change from women business owners whose lives have been positively impacted.
  • You will have a collective impact on how our partners support local women.

Together, we can Start Her Enterprise and drive change that reverberates through generations. Your philanthropic support is one of the sparks that ignites dreams, fuels ambitions, and transforms lives. Join us on this incredible journey of empowerment today and watch as your contribution shapes a more equal future for all.

Why not join our change makers?

By committing to support our business and young women, our Change Makers allow us to plan for the future, creating efficiency and stability. But you provide much more than just financial support. You help us set the long term direction of the business as our visionary partners and our most vocal champions.

SHE Wins

'SHE Wins' is our quarterly newsletter with stories of change from business owners about the successes and challenges of their journeys. This is an opportunity for you to walk alongside them and witness the outcomes achieved through your investment.