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An Urgent Call To Action

Stand with us, ignite your passion, and become a driving force for change with SHE. Our vision is to empower women, their families and their communities, in countries most affected by poverty and disasters through skills development, business ownership training and mentorship.

The time for action is now! Let’s shatter glass ceilings, obliterate gender disparities, and fuel the flames of entrepreneurship in every woman’s heart. Join the movement, share your expertise, contribute your resources, and together, we’ll redefine what’s possible.

Not only are we helping to break barriers, but we are doing it by doing development differently. This represents a fundamental shift in the way we approach global development challenges. It’s about moving away from top-down, one-size-fits-all solutions and embracing context-specific, adaptive approaches that prioritise partnership, local ownership and participation. This approach recognises that sustainable development requires flexibility, innovation and continuous learning – not control. It is a mindset that values experimentation, evidence-based decision-making, and the empowerment of those most affected by development challenges. It’s a commitment to achieving more effective, equitable, and sustainable outcomes in our pursuit of a better world for all.

Be part of a revolution that’s not only about economic independence but about rewriting the narrative of development and what women can achieve. Together, we’ll build a world where every woman’s dream is thriving, and they are reaching their fullest potential.

Join us today and let’s Start Her Enterprise with passion, power, and purpose!

Are you with us?

Thank you so much for adding your name – we will keep you updated about the women we’re working with around the world and ways you can support the vision. Women are determined to change their own lives forever, and you get to witness that today.

Please Note: SHE is an initiative of Y Care International, the YMCA’s international development agency.

SHE Wins

'SHE Wins' is our quarterly newsletter with stories of change from business owners about the successes and challenges of their journeys. This is an opportunity for you to walk alongside them and witness the outcomes achieved through your investment.