YMCA Sierra Leone: The Safety Soap

Tom Price


Sierra Leone


Assisting women and girls with skills training and counselling.

The Dream town soap making centre was created to equip young women and girls who were living on the streets or had been victims of gender or sexual-based violence with skills and build a community for them.

With support from The YMCA, The safety soap project provide assistance to women and girls, whether through skills training, counselling, or other means. Illustrating the provision of valuable skills to these women and girls, the soap-making initiative in Kissy stands out as an excellent example.

Within this project, young women and girls collaborate to create and sell soap within the community. The Dreamtown soap making centre not only imparts practical soap-making skills but also encompasses business acumen related to selling the soap.

Additionally, women have the opportunity to connect with peers of similar backgrounds, thereby forming connections with others who share their life experiences. The impact of this initiative reaches beyond the present, as many girls involved in the project utilise their soap-making earnings to reintegrate into school and complete their education.